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Sherwood Forest & the Dukeries : A Companion to the Land of Robin Hood

Professor Ian D. Rotherham
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Published: July 15, 2013
ISBN: 9781445614748
96 pages, 95
Country of publication: United Kingdom


Sherwood Forest is arguably the most famous historic landscape in the world, immortalized through storytelling, mythology, romantic books, and ultimately by Hollywood. This is the setting for Robin Hood, Little John and the rest of the ‘Merry Men’. Yet behind the glamorous legends are equally fascinating places, people and histories. An important and vast medieval ‘Forest’ and extensive heath, the area was farmed and settled before that time. After the break-up of the Royal Hunting Forest came the famous establishment of great halls, houses and parks of the aristocracy, the so-called ‘Dukeries’, and then industry, with deep coal mining, wartime military training, and twentieth-century forestry. From the nineteenth century onwards, the region was a notable tourism and leisure destination, and the sites of famous oak trees such as the Major Oak were places one could visit to touch the past. Tourism continues today as visitors from around the world come to experience the forest’s nature, history and myth. This book is not a guide to the region but a companion to the area, its history, its people and its landscape. As such, this volume will be of great interest to visitors to the region, to residents and to all those fascinated by the history and the legends of Sherwood and the Dukeries. The book focuses on Sherwood Forest and the Dukeries area, but in the context of the surrounding towns and villages and is richly illustrated with images from the past, including photographs, postcards, paintings and antique prints from over two hundred years.

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