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Angels the Size of Houses

Kent, Aaron
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Shearsman Books
Published: July 23, 2021
ISBN: 9781848617667
74 pages
Country of publication: United Kingdom


This poetical collection, Angels the Size of Houses (70-plus sheets of cool and frantic paginated speech) is a buzzing and hyper-inventive set of multifarious devices, with exceptional prosodical hazardry and multiple re-echoes along its spacious corridors – with many doorways for we and us open to its flaring physiological recitatives. The passage construction is familial and domestic in tone-row, while also widely outlandish, saltarello-style and stylish also with it. There are culinary hints and self-displays in great lexical abundance to whet the whistle, with phantasm and modest astonishments in witty comedy, escaping grandeur but never remote from scalar enlargements, often wisely gnomic, gazing out of the window at continental drift and its markings. William Burroughs is reported to have replied, when asked his opinion about death, ‘well it’s a step in the right direction’, obsequious in full funeral rigout, laburnum decor, with many choice aromas and childhood joys. Indeed alongside outbreaks of passionate attachment with parents and kids, the schedule is mostly immune to current political conflagrations and their drear localisms. The protocols display exceptional narrative candour, own-brand, also in white, offering vagaries of choice oddity, medical and arctic in well-tempered rational diffusion; anatomical by alternating reduction and upfront funny by marginal exploits; work and glancing damage on all sides, broken and ‘racing to the bottom’, where else.

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