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How We Live and How We Might LiveHow We Live and How We Might LIve

by William Morris

ISBN: 978-1910170267
28 pages

“…our present system of Society is based on a state of perpetual war. Do any of you think that this is as it should be? I know that you have often been told that the competition, which is at present the rule of all production, is a good thing, and stimulates the progress of the race; but the people who tell you this should call competition by its shorter name of war if they wish to be honest, and you would then be free to consider whether or no war stimulates progress, otherwise than as a mad bull chasing you over your own garden may do. War, or competition, whichever you please to call it, means at the best pursuing your own advantage at the cost of some one else’s loss…”

This pamphlet contains the text of a lecture delivered to the Hammersmith Branch of the Socialist Democratic Federation at Kelmscott House on November 30th, 1884. It is still relevant today.



Anarchy 38, Nottingham

by Freedom Press

ISBN: 978-1910170181
32 pages

Anarchy journal ran for 118 issues, over ten years, as a monthly addition to the weekly Freedom magazine. The print run was never more than 3,000 copies, with sales rarely reaching that amount, but it was influential, introducing new writers and new subjects to the left in this country and abroad. Most of the issues were designed by Rufus Segar and the journal was famed for its covers. The Nottingham issue included Alan Sillitoe, who was already a distinguished novelist, the biographer, poet and novelist Philip Callow and the journalist Ray Gosling. Harold Drasdo was, and is, a well known authority on climbing while Paul Ritter became the Chief Planner of Perth, Australia. Anarchy 38 has been something of a collector’s item for many years and is republished by permission of Freedom Press.


MariapowerStrengthening Democracy in Post-conflict Northern Ireland
by Maria Power

ISBN: 978-1910170181
32 pages

When the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998, those involved believed they had brought about peace in Northern Ireland. In 2007, the Democratic Unionists and Sinn Fein entered government together. Although the British and Irish governments believed the Peace Process was complete, this essay shows that peace-building work is still needed to heal the sectarian divisions within society.

Dr Maria Poweris a Lecturerin Religion and Peacebuilding at the Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool. She is the author of From Ecumenism to Community Relations: Inter-church Relations in Northern Ireland 1980–2005,(Dublin, 2007) and editor of Building Peace in Northern Ireland, (Liverpool, 2011). She is currently writing a study of the Catholic Church during the conflict in Northern Ireland, focusing in particular on the work of Cardinal Cahal Daly, which will be published in 2016. Maria is also a trustee of Together for the Common Good and in her spare time works with life without parole prisoners in the United States.


Said-Edward-TheCurrentStatusOfJerusalemThe Current Status of Jerusalem
by Edward Said

ISBN: 978-1910170083
30 pages

“… I do not think there can be real peace except between equals, between two peoples who together decide consciously and deliberately to share the land among themselves decently and humanely.”

The Current Status of Jerusalem by Edward Said was first given as a paper in 1995 and later published in Jerusalem Quarterly together with an introduction by Rashid Khalidi. The essay and introduction are republished by Five Leaves Bookshop as a contribution to the current debate over the future of Israel and Palestine. Edward Said’s essay is as relevant now as when it was first written.


Herbert-Michael-DoctorWhoAndTheCommunistDoctor Who and the Communist  –
Malcolm Hulke and his career in television
by Michael Herbert

ISBN: 978-1910170090
30 pages

Malcolm Hulke was a successful writer for radio, television and the cinema from the 1950s to the late 1970s. His work included episodes for Armchair Theatre and The Avengers, and 54 episodes for Doctor Who, broadcast between 1967 and 1974, for which he is best remembered. He was also a socialist, belonging for a time to the Communist Party of Great Britain, and his political views fed into his work.

Michael Herbert is a socialist historian who lives in Tameside, Greater Manchester. He teaches history to adults at Aquinas College, Stockport and Chetham’s Library, Manchester. His published work includes Never Counted Out: the story of Len Johnson, Manchester’s Black Boxing Hero and Communist; The Wearing of the Green: a political history of the Irish in Manchester and Up Then Brave Women: Manchester’s Radical Women 1819–1918. He is a Trustee of the Working Class Movement Library in Salford and a committee member of the Mary Quaile Club. His website is redflagwalks.wordpress.com


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