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Black British Lives Matter, with Marcus Ryder and Derek Bardowell – online event

In response to the international outcry at George Floyd’s death, Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder commissioned this collection of essays to discuss how and why we need to fight for Black lives to matter – not just for Black people but for society as a whole.

Recognising Black British experience within the Black Lives Matter movement, seventeen prominent Black figures explain why Black lives should be celebrated when too often they are undervalued. Drawing from personal experience, they stress how Black British people have unique perspectives and experiences that enrich British society and the world; how Black lives are far more interesting and important than the forces that try to limit it.

In this free online launch event, Marcus Ryder is joined by contributor Derek Bardowell to discuss issues raised in this wide-ranging and urgent anthology which highlights the vital benefits that Black Britons bring to society and the crucial importance of eradicating systemic racism.

Black British Lives Matter is published on November 18th, you can pre-order your copy from Five Leaves Bookshop when you register for this event.

Free, register via Eventbrite

‘We achieve everything not because we are superhuman. We achieve the things we achieve because we are human. Our strength does not come from not having any weaknesses, our strength comes from overcoming them’ – Doreen Lawrence

‘I always presumed racism would always be here, that it was a given. But the truth is, it was not always here, it was invented.’ – David Olusoga

‘Our identity and experience will shape every story, bleed into every poem, inform every essay whether it’s about Black ‘issues’ or not’ – Kit de Waal

Derek A. Bardowell is a writer and charity leader.  He has contributed to the BBC, The Weeklings and MTV, and directed programmes for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Foundation Trust and Laureus Sport for Good.

Marcus Ryder has over 25 years of experience working in television and journalism, and is a leader on the issue of diversity in the media. He was previously the Chair of the Royal Television Society’s Diversity Committee, and was the head of BBC Scotland Current Affairs for nearly a decade. He is the recipient of a number awards for his work, including multiple BAFTA Awards.