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The Veggies Scoffer (Veggies, £1.50)

I picked this up from the shop hoping for some quick and easy vegan recipes since it is Veganuary (a word I can only say though gritted teeth it is so annoying). But somehow I managed to not notice that it is essentially a recipe book for mass caterers. I’m really not going to be making 700 veggie burgers, though that page is no doubt useful for those who need to do so.
Largely the recipes are for twenty, with the intro helpfully saying for four, divide by five and slightly reduce the cooking time. Oh, yes.
Because the pamphlet *is* for mass catering, festivals and the like, none of the recipes are exactly Ottolenghi, but that’s a good thing as you don’t have to go to Google to find what an ingredient is (which is only on sale in Hoxton anyway). And everything is cheap.
So… sweet potato curry, veggie stew with dumplings, moussaka…
If you are catering for a big group then this is really useful, or you can divide by five or have a big freezer then this is a good pamphlet. And for £1.50 you can’t go wrong.
The Veggies Scoffer is published by Veggies catering campaign, in Nottingham.