Welcome to the Five Leaves Bookshop

The first independent general bookshop in Nottingham this century


Located in the centre of Nottingham, we specialize in:

Cityscape and Landscape, Politics, Fiction and Poetry,
Lesbian and Gay,  Counterculture, Psychology
Weird and Wonderful, International writing,  and Magazines and Journals.

We are open Monday – Saturday  10.00am – 5.30pm, Sundays 12.00 – 4.00pm


Five Leaves has been open over a year now. People enjoyed (or at least were polite about) our offer of 1% discount on our birthday. rising to 2% next year, 3% etc leading to all books eventually being free. And nobody refused to join the 1%.

As we write, the Christmas season is approaching like an out of control train. Our stock is changing to reflect the busy season. More hardbacks, more, well, bric-a-brac. Our 24/48 hour customer order service is being highly used and the shop is of course much busier. We are still winning new customers as people find the shop for the first time. All is well.

Our autumn events programme looks marginally less out of control, now that we have stopped having ten or eleven events a month! Our Bread and Roses weekend, one of the few, perhaps the only, book festival supported by trade unions attracted 850 attendances and could easily have topped a thousand if we’d had more room for Owen Jones fans.  Bread and Roses will definitely be part of our annual calendar. But maybe not the same weekend as the Nottingham Women’s Conference, where we had a stall, or during the start of the Christmas season.

Looking ahead, we are exploring how best to do mail order on a regular basis, but that will have to wait until next year. We are constantly tinkering with the stock and shelving, trying to cram a quart of books into a pint pot bookshop. Space – here – will always be at a premium. We’ve also discovered exactly how many people we can get into the shop at one time with one recent poetry book launch reminiscent of those 1960′s games when people tried to see how many could cram into a Mini or a phone box. They had such innocent fun back then.

Having had one year’s trading we can be pleased to say that the first year has been interesting, on budget as far as sales are concerned, and that we have found a place in the City for our type of bookselling and the type of events we organise. At the same time our publications side has continued to bring out book after book – see www.fiveleaves.co.uk. Our latest title – Curious Kentish Town – sold out in three weeks. It’s been a busy year. As well as the books from Five Leaves we’ll shortly be starting to publish “occasional papers” from the Bookshop. The first two comprise a forgotten essay by Edward Said on the future of Jerusalem and an essay on Doctor Who and the Communist, the latter being Malcolm Hulke, a writer for Doctor Who, The Avengers and Crossroads!

The best description of the shop we have heard – actually misheard, but why not? – was that it was a commie bookshop that liked poetry. Allowing for the anarchist faction on the staff, that seems fair.

 Ross Bradshaw, Simon Griffiths, Pippa Hennessy, Ben Mawson-Harris, Marie Thompson, Leah Wilkins, Myra Woolfson


We also stock:
A wide variety of greetings cards and post cards, Book Tokens and our own Bookshop vouchers.
Some ethically sourced products: Zapatista coffee, Zaytoun olive oil, olives and soap and a small selection of Radical Tea Towels and the  Left Lion Underground Tea Towel

We have many events planned in the shop over the next few months. Please check the events section for regular updates.

We can order any book in print, Most books arrive within 24-48 hours. Books can be ordered in the shop, by phone or by email with payment only on collection.
We offer 15% discount to book groups ordering four or more of a title, collected together or individually. Such orders can be monthly or occasionally.
We can provide bookstalls at conferences and events.
Five Leaves is also a publisher – see our list at www.fiveleaves.co.uk.

“…the wonderful, idiosyncratic new Five Leaves Bookshop” New Walk Magazine

“Notts TUC’s bookshop of choice” Nottinghamshire Trades Union Council

“You ain’t gonna find a d-list celeb biog here. Book your ideas up. ” LeftLion

“A commie bookshop that likes poetry” – in truth this was a completely misheard comment about the shop by a customer, but we are rather fond of it