Welcome to the Five Leaves Bookshop

The first independent general bookshop in Nottingham this century


Located in the centre of Nottingham, we specialize in:

Cityscape and Landscape, Politics, Fiction and Poetry,
Lesbian and Gay,  Counterculture, Psychology
Weird and Wonderful, International writing,  and Magazines and Journals.

We are open Monday – Saturday  10.00am – 5.30pm


Five months into running Nottingham’s new independent bookshop… things are on track.  Even on our quietest day on a foul day in February  there were three people who’d never been in the shop before who we know will turn into regular customers and one of them arranged for us to run a bookstall. We’ve never been so quiet since and we’re ahead of budget, with enough money coming in to strengthen some of our sections and – as I write this – to consider appointing a new part-time worker to concentrate on events and “outreach”. Politics has taken over from cityscape and landscape as our best selling area, but we are just as happy if someone comes across our small Beat or Romani or Transgender sections.

The first year is whizzing past, but we’re already looking to next year when we’ll be working with the Nottingham Liberal Synagogue to bring Jewish Book Week back to Nottingham. But that’s a while yet. Our immediate priorities include improving the stock in some areas – this morning it was politics backlist, last week it was “weird stuff” (the shop isn’t weird enough yet…). We’ve got some staffing changes; as well as the new worker a couple of others are joining us for the summer at least, and to work on Sundays. Sundays? Well, once we know the plans of our neighbour who is developing the building opposite and has suggested doing the (literally) dirty work on Sundays when we are closed.

The shop events programme peaked at three evenings one week, all different audiences, and we’re steadily planning the rest of the year. We will  get a couple of book groups going  and we’ll finally have a proper poetry series, as well as mini-series on sexuality and Asian fiction. Keep abreast via our emailing list or Facebook. The big event coming up is on April 25th. In the wake of the Five Leaves’ book Look Back in Anger: the Miners’ Strike in Nottinghamshire, 30 Years On we realised that there was no commemoration planned in Nottingham itself, so we’re doing one, with the support of Seamas Milne, Left Unity, the NUM and Women Against Pit Closures. This will be at the Friends Meeting House and we expect a very big attendance. See our events listing for more details.

Events are the icing on the cake though. Day to day bookselling is, um, the cake itself.

 Ross Bradshaw


We also stock:
A wide variety of greetings cards and post cards, Book Tokens and our own Bookshop vouchers.
Some ethically sourced products: Zapatista coffee, Zaytoun olive oil, olives and soap and a small selection of Radical Tea Towels and the  Left Lion Underground Tea Towel

We have many events planned in the shop over the next few months. Please check the events section for regular updates.

We can order any book in print, Most books arrive within 24-48 hours. Books can be ordered in the shop, by phone or by email with payment only on collection.
We offer 15% discount to book groups ordering four or more of a title, collected together.
Such orders can be monthly or occasionally.
We can provide bookstalls at conferences and events.
Five Leaves is also a publisher – see our list at www.fiveleaves.co.uk.